Monday, September 27, 2010

Rainy-Day Monday

I don't normally have Monday blues... I actually kind of like Mondays - they're the only day of the week where Abby and I have nothing on the agenda, and we make them low key recovery sort of days, filled with coloring and playdough and cuddling and whathaveyou, but today I woke up and it was rainy and I just couldn't take the rain anymore. It was cold earlier in the week, and then a heat wave struck and I was doing fine weathering the heat, but then the rain came and everything turned into a kind of mushy misty too-warm-for-sweaters-or-hoodies-but-not-warm-enough-for-shortsleeves and my hair frizzled up until I looked like an electrocuted porcupine, and I need a haircut, so that isn't helping matters any, and I just really wanted to crawl back into bed and declare a do-over. Unfortunately, that wasn't really an option, so I got up and brushed out my frizzled hair and went on with my day.

And it wasn't a bad day, really... it was just a rainy day Monday.

Natalie got home early today, so I went to Panera Bread to finish journaling for my class tomorrow. I know I haven't said a whole lot about this class lately, and it's because lately I'm dealing with more personal stuff that I don't really want to share with the whole world, but suffice to say it's doing me a lot of good. :) In fact, Robin texted me today asking how the class was going, and a minute later she told me that the class sounded like it was doing good things for me. Yes, indeed. :)

In other news... I lost five pounds last week, bringing my total weight loss to 9.4 pounds. EEE! Very exciting, especially since I feel like it's been really largely painless - confusing, sometimes, but definitely not as painful as I thought it would be. In fact, I'd braced myself for experiencing some of the "shrinking pains" that some of my weight-loss-blogging friends have experienced, but today really was the first day when I hit a bump in the road. And it wasn't really a big bump, and when I realized I was drifting and I was about to make some really bad decisions, I chose to regroup and reroute instead of saying, "Ah, I've already 'blown' today, so let me get it out of my system." And in the end I ended up going only 3 points over my daily allowance, and they came out of my weekly Flex Points (which I have yet to use all of yet) so I'm still on track. Funny how our mind plays tricks on us, right? If I had gone with my "other" voice, I definitely would have done more than 3 points damage even before dinner. I think I'm more proud of myself for handling today's hiccup than for the last three weeks of sticking perfectly to the plan. :)

After I went to Panera Bread, I went in search of long-sleeved shirts. I was shocked to learn that I only have one long-sleeved shirt from last year, and when I put it on today, I was like, how in the world did I ever wear this?! It's so sheer! I think being in storage may have killed it, as it's a kind of "fuzzy" material and the fuzz has worn off. Oh, well. A few long-sleeved shirts would be perfect right about now, when it's too warm for jackets and too cold for short sleeves. I went to every store in town that I shop at (except for JC Penney, and that's my last resort), and no dice. I finally stopped in at Wal-Mart and couldn't find a single long-sleeved plus-size T. I did, however, find a hoodie (which I've also been needing, so, yay!) and a pair of sneaker-shoes, which I also needed, both on sale. I bought shoes last year and I've tried walking in them several times in the last few weeks, but they rub in all the wrong places. These new ones are Dr. Scholl's, with a very low heel, and they're just so comfy. I'm excited about trying them out. :) I think I'm going to start going to the park and walking around the track while Abby is at Mom's Day Out.

I was reading one of the blogs on Weight Watchers Online today, and the girl was saying how she lost all her weight without becoming a gym rat. She practices yoga one day a week, she goes jogging one day a week, and she walks her dog. She admitted the weight didn't come off as quickly as it did for others, but it did come off. I'm totally an all-or-nothing kind of person when it comes to this sort of thing... I feel like I should be doing it seven days a week, and then when I miss a day I've "blown it" and I avoid it for awhile. When I read that, I thought, "I could do that!" I could get on the Wii Fit and do a workout once a week... I could walk laps once a week... I could do a yoga session once a week... and if I did all these things once a week, that would be at least three days of exercise! I don't know why, but three different kinds of exercise don't seem nearly as daunting as three days of the same exercise.

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