Thursday, January 16, 2014

Celebrating Six Months

 So y'all, today is my six-month anniversary of moving into the RV. I have a whole long "six month update/recap" post written out, but I didn't get the pictures for it taken today for two reasons: one, I've been reorganizing and purging and cleaning over the last few days, and it just wasn't clean enough yet to photograph... ;) and also because Crisy and Dari came over for a playdate!
I made lunch - sloppy joes and chips - and Allen joined us to eat and chat for a bit. Then the girls headed over to the house to play, and Crisy and I made tea, washed and dried dishes, talked about hanging picture frames, read road-trip travel books, and generally enjoyed each other's company.
Maggie joined us a few hours later, reporting that the girls were making donuts and seemed very happy, and a little later the girls returned, announced by the sound of giggles. :)
Isn't Zinnia being so meek and obedient, posing for a picture? NOT! Dari has leftover sugar on her fingers from donut-making and my Z-girl is busy rectifying the situation ;)
 Dari loved on Zinnia for awhile, who was super-glad for the attention. :) Unfortunately, Cris and Dar had to leave so Dari could make her chemistry class.
After everyone left, I played around with some yarn (working on new designs for my etsy shop!) and then I might have taken a nap. :)
I'm hoping to get the pictures taken tomorrow, so look for my post in the afternoon. In the meantime, I hope you're having a great day - I am totally looking forward to the long weekend, and looking forward to filling it up with fun!

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