Saturday, January 4, 2014


First randomizer post of the new year! :)

- It snowed last night - I don't know, maybe three to five inches? - and while my heat tape is working fine, the faucet on the house and the connection to the trailer itself keep freezing. Which means I have to trek into the big house, fill a pitcher with warm water and douse the frozen bits to get everything going again. And then I keep readjusting the insulation, adding more, etc, but nothing seems to be able to keep up with these low temps. Makes for an annoying day. I'll keep working on it - I'm thinking maybe a couple of work lights would do the trick?

- Speaking of the trailer... my six-month anniversary of moving in is coming up, and I'm working on a post to update about everything I've learned. Is there's anything you've ever wondered about, now's the time to ask!

- Speaking of the Bible, my friend Crisy and I are determining to read the Bible through this year! We're using the "Old and New" reading plan from and Crisy is doing a great job of pestering holding me accountable! ;) (In all seriousness, I asked her to and am glad she does!)

- Maggie and I had coupons to a local place (lovelovelove Mission BBQ!) so last night we went out to use them. We had a lovely dinner (brisket sammies, hand-cut fries for Maggie and mac-n-cheese for me, plus my fav glass-bottled vanilla root beer) and then went on an epic grocery shopping trip. Okay, not too epic, because it wasn't a complete pantry/freezer/fridge stock up, but it was a bigger than usual list because I've basically been living over at the big house since Christmas Eve. Aaand I took the time to go to both Wal-Mart and Giant so I got the absolute best deals on everything. :) Some of the meals I have planned for the next two weeks are: homemade pizza (cuz I made pizza crust from scratch for the first time a few weeks ago and it was amazing!), barbecue lentil sloppy joes, steak and salad, and creamed turkey with peas.

- It's the season for resolution-making, so here's my take - I didn't make any formal resolutions for this year, but I did set some goals, including: be a better housekeeper and take the time to tidy frequently, put things back as soon as I'm done with them, and wash those pesky dishes more often (*sigh*); take (and share) more photos - this should be easier since I have a brand-new smartphone with a very nice camera :); read through the Bible this year; manage my money as wisely and prudently as possible. That's it. :)

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