Thursday, January 23, 2014

My Favorite Things: The Blog Edition

I can't remember exactly when I discovered blogs - sometime before I myself started blogging around 2005 - but ever since then, personal blogs have been some of my favorite things to read. In fact, when I'm on Google trying to learn a new skill, get the skinny on a new topic, or get the "real" answer to a question, I automatically gravitate toward results from blogs. Simply put, reading a good blog feels like getting advice from a good friend!

I currently have over fifty (fifty! Egads!) blogs in my BlogLovin feed, but for this edition of MFT I've picked out a dozen of my favorites, covering everything from fashion, philosophy, nerdism, and inspiration. :) Enjoy!

Simply Scratch - I don't follow a lot of cooking blogs because a lot of times once a blogger becomes even mildly successful, the recipes become less and less tied to real life, and more and more showy. This is why I love Simply Scratch; her recipes are always things I'd actually want to eat (and make!), even if they're fancy, exotic, or outside the box. My favorite homemade oh-so-good-I-could-drink-it barbecue sauce is based on her Honey-Whiskey Barbecue Sauce, and her Crock Pot French Dip Sandwiches are to die for. I'm really hungry now. ;)

Ben Heine Art Blog - I was first introduced to Ben Heine when his Pencil vs. Camera series was profiled in a news article, and I was kind of entranced.

I love anything that forces people to see the world around them differently, and this definitely fits the bill! :) I hope to get some of his prints to hang around my space someday, but in the meantime, I love perusing his work.

The New Lighter Life - I found this blog the same week I moved into the RV and I immediately became a follower. Tons of useful information on full-timing, including how to make your own heated hose, and their advice has saved me tons of time and headaches. Plus, it's fun to read! :)

Celebrating Life - I just love reading this blog. It's nothing fancy. Nothing too themed. Nothing preachy. Totally useful. Totally heartwarming. Totally convicting. (Whenever I read new posts, I usually walk away thinking, "I really don't love people enough.") Just a homeschool mom raising a big family (seven kids? eight? not really sure lol) and striving to share God through love. Someday I would love to meet this woman and thank her for playing a big part in restoring my faith in big families. :) (This is my favorite post - love the pictures and the big smiles!)

Finding Joy In The Little Things - I think somehow this blog and "Celebrating Life" are connected - maybe I found one through the other? or they're friends in real life? - but while the topics (homeschooling, kids, etc) are very similar, the writing styles are pretty different. I enjoyed following the oldest daughter's blog back when she updated regularly, and now I enjoy reading "the momma's" blog, too. :) It's just the slightest bit sarcastic, tongue in cheek, and hilarious, and I enjoy following all the escapades.

Enjoying The Small Things - This is the power of Kelle Hampton's writing: when her book Bloom was published, I went to Target the same day to buy it. And as I was standing in line at the cash register with my dad, I began to flip through it and narrate. "Oh, this is her best friend. This was taken the first night at the hospital. This is Lainey as a baby." Etc, etc, etc. And finally my dad broke in and asked, "How do you know this woman, again?"
Reading ETST feels like being invited in to take part in life. I credit Kelle with teaching me to see the incredible beauty of moments, and the importance of making every one special.

Mara Wilson Writes Stuff - Do you remember Mara Wilson from Matilda? (Maybe from Mrs. Doubtfire or the remake of Miracle on 34th Street?) Well, she also writes. Stuff. And it's funny. :) The point of view of a self-deprecating formerly-sort-of-famous child actor, Mara covers a myriad of topics with insight and dry wit.

Master Yoda's Blog - No longer updated but hysterical, if you're a Star Wars fan, you'll love Master Yoda's Blog. This is one of those blogs I read when I really, really need to laugh. I mean really laugh, with tears rolling down my cheeks, and gasping for air, and thinking I might die, but it would be worth it.

Tell Them I Sing - Kellie is the sister of a friend of mine, and I've enjoyed being nurtured and challenged through her blog. Voraciously hungry for Christ, Kellie challenges the placidity of the modern church and offers a compassionate (and often unorthodox!) viewpoint on various topics.

Wardrobe Oxygen - Allie over at Wardrobe Oxygen posts fashion advice, daily outfit pictures, and good shopping leads; since she wears a lot of skirts and dresses, her blog is one of the places I get my best outfit ideas!

Ruffles And Stuff - I loved reading R&S back when it was mostly about crafting, but I've enjoyed watching Disney expand, with posts on her beautiful daughter, Paige, her foster sons, and her general all-around sunniness. :)

Unpublished For A Reason - My friend Hannah has always been another source of "When I need a laugh" material, but now her quirky, slightly snarky sense of humor can be found on her blog! Check out the "Quest For Skye" posts for a laugh, and make sure to read her posts about living with depression if you or someone in your life suffers from this

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