Saturday, January 18, 2014


- I got a smartphone for Christmas, and so did my mom, and now we're both obsessed with beating each other on Words With Friends. I'm pretty sure my dad is regretting the decision to get her a new phone by now. As of right now, I've won three games and she's won three games, and we've managed to get up to four games going at once. :) Last night we were both up way too late playing, my from my trailer and she from the house, until I finally just had to fall asleep. If you're a wordsmith (or highly competitive, whatever) I highly encourage you to check it out. Then look me up and we can play. I'll beat you, though! ;)

- Also mom-related: she's back to blogging after a little hiatus, which means no one is safe anymore. Seriously. I walked in this week to say good morning and she instantly pointed a camera at me. I kind of ducked and covered, cause my hair was dirty and I had no makeup on, but turns out she only wanted a picture of my scarf. Go figure.

- I got the case for my new phone this week in the mail and I love it. Makes me happy every time I see orange. :) I realized I had an orange addiction yesterday when I took this picture (while wearing my favorite orange sweater and orange/blue/green scarf):

My orange crockpot, orange Keurig Mini, orange dishes in the sink, and orange dishcloth (crocheted by me!)
- Over the past couple of days I've been reading/devouring 5 of USA's Best Trips, and dreaming of hitting the road (specifically, the first trip in the book). I'm pretty sure I'll be adding their "Best Cross-Country Road Trips" to my reading list pretty soon! In the meantime... who's up for a weekend road trip? Crisy, my usual partner-in-crime, is preparing to head off to Ireland in a couple of months, so I'm down a travel buddy.

- One of my friends from church borrowed my hard drive and loaded it up with all seven seasons of Doctor Who. I. Am. In. Heaven. :) If I disappear from blogging for, oh, a week or so, you'll know where to find me!

- January 31st is the Chinese New Year, and the restaurant Allen works at is having a big celebration for which reservations, apparently, are strongly encouraged. ;) Since it sounded like fun... and since the rest of my family is going to be off at some hunting expo thing... I scored a table to celebrate with Cris! Of course, if you're local and would like to come, please drop me an email or text message or whatever, and we'd be glad to have you join us. :)

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