Tuesday, January 7, 2014

We Survived!

I am happy to report that my trailer and I survived last night (with a low tempt of 5F :0) unscathed, though I'm a little fried this morning from being up so much last night. I was so terrified something would fail and I'd either 1) burst a pipe in my trailer or 2) burst the pipe running from the house to the faucet, so every hour and a half to two hours I'd get up, run water until the temperature changed from "finger numbing" to "tepid" (meaning that I was pulling water from the house), check to make sure that both my heat lamps were functioning and still properly placed (since the wind was cra-a-a-zy last night!) and then fall into bed until the next hour. And voila! When the sun finally dawned, I still had flowing water and an intact plumbing system! :)

Tonight's going to be another cold one (though not quite as cold - low of 13F instead of 7F - whoopee! *insert sarcasm here*), and tomorrow isn't that much better, but by Thursday it should start to warm up and - get this - the weekend should be in the 50's. I cannot wait! I'm hoping to start working on some Valentine's Day d├ęcor. ;)

Hope you're surviving the cold wherever you are! Be safe!

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