Monday, October 25, 2010

Assorted Fun

Mondays are pretty much the only days Abigail and I don't have anything on the agenda - no classes, no preschool, no gymnastics, just whatever fun we conjure up ourselves! Sometimes we use this day to recover from the weekend, but if someone is feeling bouncy - literally, this morning, lol - a lot of times we pack it full of fun!

We spent the morning hanging out - ate breakfast, watched a little bit of Curious George and a little bit of The Cat in the Hat, colored, read Dr. Seuss, did puzzles, etc - then we packed up into my truck and went to pick up Maggie. While we were at my house, Abby played a little bit with Ranger, Anna's cat. Ranger is normally too cool to allow himself to be petted, so we handed Abby the treat bag and let her feed him treats. Ranger was on his very best behavior, and Abby made sure to take advantage of it, patting him in between doling out food. :) I have a love-hate relationship with that cat, but even I had to admit that they were adorable together.

We went to the park by my house and played on the playground for over an hour. I had to wipe down all the equipment with a towel due to the heavy dew, but it was so worth it! Abby went on everything - even climbed the bars with me spotting!

After wearing the munchkin out, we went into the historic square of a nearby town for lunch, where Abby flirted shamelessly with the waiter :), and then we sat in a little coffeeshop for awhile, then walked to the nearby pet store to ooh and ah over all the cute critters. There were some newborn mice that were adorable! It's times like these that I miss my pet mouse, Jack, so dreadfully. The first thing I do when I ever get my own space will be to get another pet mouse!

The coffee shop we stopped in had a big picture frame full of children's art. This card caught my eye. I had to snap a picture and send it off to my best friend. :)

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