Friday, October 1, 2010

Fair Day Part II

Oooh... why are good days so exhausting? :)

Apparently we just didn't get enough of our own county fair last week (and to be honest, it was sooo hot, I totally see why) so we entered another slew of projects in the county fair just up the road and packed up today to see how they did. And to ride rides. Ok, the rides may have been the biggest attraction. :)

I have pictures of everything, but our Internet access is low lately so I'll have to wait til I'm at Panera or Chris's to upload them. Suffice to say we had fun! Most of the stuff we entered was the same stuff from last week's fair, but it was stiff fun to walk around and see it all. Everything that the kids entered took first place in it's category, except for Maggie, who took second with her honey (and is very proud of it). I will say this - this fair is NOWHERE NEAR as organized/neat as our own county fair. For instance, two of the quilts we entered were displayed on the ceiling... not hung from the ceiling, draped over a clothesline and hoisted to the ceiling. And the ceiling is probably 20' high, so the ability to see the craftsmanship was pretty much lost. Oh, well.

The good thing that this fair does have is a great carnival area. Not gonna lie, our fair exhibits blow this fair's exhibits out of the water, but our fair's carnival area is just sleazy. Maggie and I walked through once when we were there alone and we left because it just felt grimy and sleazy and non-family-friendly. This fair's carnival area was lovely. Today they had a deal where kids could ride on ny ride for $1/1 ticket and got free admission to the fair, so we were excited, since we didn't go on any rides at all last week (we figured it would have run around $20-25 for the kids and dad to go on ONE ride).

Just to highlight the difference between last week and this week - last week I wore a knee-length khakki skirt, my last unpacked-away tank top, and my boots, because it was soooo dusty! I slathered myself in sunscreen and still got a little sun. And even in my nice cool clothes, I was sooo hot. We broke the record for the hottest day in September since the 1980's the day we went to the fair.

Today I wore the same khakki skirt and the same boots - because this time the mud was inches deep in some places - a long-sleeved striped tee, AND a vest for an extra layer. I only took the vest off for the last hour we were there, when the sun finally broke the clouds. I have to say, I think it was much nicer fair-going weather today. But we all know how I feel about the heat. :)

It was so much fun, but I am exhausted... I am so looking forward to a nice long hot bath and an early bedtime.

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