Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bits of Twine And String...

Here's to a random modgepodge post. :)

Today is weigh-in day for me! I love that it's on Sundays - I get up, look at the scale, and feel twice as beautiful when I get dressed up for church. :) Even when I have a little loss, or no loss at all, the number on the scale is still way smaller than it was six weeks ago!

Today - after a long week of plain old "steady plodding" and staying totally on plan - I lost 2.6 pounds, and this brings me to my third WW milestone: the 5% loss mark! I have now lost just a bit over 5% of my body weight. Sounds small, but it feels nice. All in all, today was a nice reward for the hard work this week.

Because I had a really low-point breakfast and a decent lunch, I let myself have an afternoon snack. I love my afternoon snack but I've been skipping it a lot this week. :( This afternoon I whipped up a batch of 1-point oatmeal raisin drops. Yummy! I've been on an oatmeal kick this week - I've had it for breakfast every day but one, and I even ate it for dinner one night because I was craving it so badly - so I figured this might satisfy the craving in a different form. They sure were yummy!

Some of the gals who I think have the nicest hair are big fans of sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner, but whenever I looked at the prices online I nearly die. $32 for a bottle of shampoo?!?!? So when I saw the ad for the new L'Oreal sulfate-free shampoo, I was super-excited! I picked up a set of shampoo/conditioner when Maggie and I were out on Thursday and so far I've washed my hair twice with it, and I can completely tell the difference! I chose the "bodify" formula, because most conditioning shampoos leave my hair too greasy, but I'm thinking now that when I run out, I might get the hydrate conditioner. The strands of my hair feel thicker and just... nicer. At a little over $5 a bottle, this is a GREAT compromise!

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