Wednesday, October 6, 2010

So This Is What It Feels Like To Be In Love

I've fallen in love.



Remember how I talked earlier about wanting/needing a new big handbag, but being unable to find anything I liked?

And do you remember this purse that I bought on vacation with Robin, that I totally love, that I ADORE, actually?

Today I walked in to Marshalls to kill some time before picking the Abster up from Mom's Morning Out, and staring back at me from the purse rack was a giant-ish size version of my zipper rosette bag!

I was stunned, but there it was. And it's totally just as awesome huge as it is tiny. And I've always looked at that bag after using it for a weekend or an outing and thought to myself regretfully, it just doesn't work as an everyday bag - it's my go to bag for those days when I don't want to lug a small suitcase around with me, but if it were bigger, I would totally never want another bag in my life. Cuz it's so adorable! It's a rosette, but it has edge. :)

I went home and googled the designer's website just to confirm that I love it as much at home as do in the store, and I completely fell in love with this line. Seriously - go check out olivia+joy. Their website is beautiful, too, and their designs are just fun. Obviously, I'm partial to Rose, but there are definitely some other styles I'll be keeping my eye out for, should they hit Marshall's or Ross's (Exposed, for instance, or Ruffled. Or Peekaboo, for that matter). Even the bags I don't neccessarily want to own I can appreciate.

So it's funny I found this bag today, because (hopefully - crossing my fingers here!) I'll be reaching the ten-pounds-lost milestone this week, and I've been thinking that deserves a reward. I actually had my eye on another handbag, but now that I've seen this one I think it just has to be the one. :)

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