Sunday, October 31, 2010

Still Here

I sooo did not want to weigh in this morning... not feeling great, I've been unmotivated all weekend, etc, and I thought I probably gained due to hormones and such... but I did jump on the scale and I've lost a pound! Not incredible, but a move in the right direction. And it's amazing what even a little move can do for the morale. :)

I have spent more time and energy and frustration than I care to count this weekend on trying to get my old/new nightstand painted. I've been wanting a new nightstand for a long time now - I've been using this one that I got for free at a church yardsale/giveaway, but it's sooo ugly!

See? Horrendous! So when I saw this nightstand for $15 at the thrift store (I know, it seemed like a lot to charge for a thrift store to me, too, but it's really cute!) I bought it. The legs and drawer were painted pink but the top was a natural wood color. I figured it would be easy to spray paint black. Turns out, not so much. Everything was going great except the top - the paint puckered, slid away from the wood in places, bubbled, etc. In short, everything that could have gone wrong went wrong with it. My dad and I ended up sanding off all the paint and starting over, then sanding again, then spraying it one final time. It still isn't "perfect" but I'm declaring it done. Maybe when I'm feeling better I'll drag it out and try something else, but at least it's painted and the paint is holding ok.

Cute, yes? I think so! And nice and tall so now I won't have to practically hang off the side of my bed to turn off my alarm clock, lol. I can't wait to see how everything will look put back together again, as I was playing with furniture arrangements this afternoon to see how I could make my room a little roomier for when Robin and Khy come to visit. I haven't discovered anything great yet, so I guess I'll keep rearranging.

I've made a new goal for myself: Someday, eventually, possibly even this summer, I would like to run a 5K (for those of you who have always wondered, like me, how long a 5K is, it's just a tad over three and a half miles). I'm going to start by using the "beginning running" schedule/guide and hopefully eventually move into a 5K training schedule. I'm going to take it slow but I'm really excited about the possibilities!

Hope everyone is revved up for a good week. I'm excited about going into the new week... new week, new possibilities!

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