Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Girl's Night IN!

A few weeks ago, while my family was out of town, I had several of the younger girls from church over for a girl's night in and sleepover. We had a ton of fun! One of the girls, Rita, arrived a little earlier than the other two and helped me cook dinner - build your own burritos with all the fixings. :) Yummy! When Hannah and Faith got there, we ate dinner and began a long night of board games!
Faith getting ready for a game of UpWords. Love this game - kind of like 3D Scrabble!

The only one brave enough to read the directions and actually figure out how to play and count points properly was Hannah. We made her keep score. :)

Look at how smart we are! :)

All four of us - me, Faith, Hannah, and Rita (L-R).

After we finished with Upwords, we played a game of Parcheesi, since Rita had never played. She kept saying that the pictured the game with elephants and a miniature Taj Mahal, and the rest of us were, quite frankly, puzzled, since we'd never seen a Parcheesi set with elephants and a Taj Mahal. Lo and behold, I google it later, and the newer sets DO have elephants and miniature Taj Mahals. :)

I always think my family is intense when we play games, but these gals had us beat! I'd never even heard of blockades, etc. :)

The beautiful Faith!

Me and Faith!

After we finished playing games, we brought a couple of air mattresses into the living room and basically turned it into a wall-to-wall mattress. :)

Rita and Faith, getting ready for a movie. :)
All in all, it was a great time of fellowship and I hope to do it again soon!

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