Friday, October 29, 2010


Yesterday Allen tested for his green belt, second stripe in Tang So Do (I sure hope that's worded correctly!). I always try to make the testing days - I love to watch the boys! I'm always amazed by the order and complexity of what they are being taught... I'm definitely a believer in Martial Arts as character building!
Warming up together.

Allen reading his essay.
I couldn't make myself take pictures while Allen was showing his forms, breaks, etc... I was too busy watching! But I caught some picts of the other student testing to show you what sort of things they do.

Breaking a board.

Breaking a board with a flying front kick (I think!).

Breaking a board with a flying side kick (again, I think).

Allen receiving his certificate and stripe. Next, red belt!
All in all, a good showing. Two of Allen's classmates earned their midnight blue belts this year and so the dojang heirarchy has shifted a bit, which is fun to see.
After the testing, Maggie and I took Allen with us on our weekly date - Red Robin's again! We stopped in at Target afterwards to do a quick shopping trip, then came home and crashed. :)

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