Tuesday, October 26, 2010

More Fall Fun

I guess I'm on a roll with the fall decorating... Yesterday I took a long walk along our wooded road, collecting acorns, pinecones, nuts, and some pretty colorful leaves. :) When I got home, I pulled down my "seasonal decorations" storage bin and rediscovering some stuff I'd put away last year. I had fun decorating my room with my finds!

I placed this "Granny Smith Apple" candle into this wide-mouthed glass vase and filled the space with acorns.

I bought these fall-colored glass hurricanes last year for $1 a piece last year and waited all year to use them! Now they're lined up along the back of my desk. I need to buy larger candles for them, though.

Okay... maybe I'm jumping the gun a little here - it seemed like a very "fallish" idea but looks a little Christmasy in actuality. The big burgundy bowl was given to me by a friend, and the "Fireplace Log" candle candle was given to me by another friend. :) This candle smells sooo good! I love it!

Some non-decorating fall yumminess... pumpkin pancakes! And only 3 points! The pumpkin adds flavor and fiber and they smell sooo good. I spread them with a little reduced-fat peanut butter in lieu of syrup, but I'll bet they'd taste just as good with a dab of our honey.

I want to preface the next few pictures by just stating that I am totally ANTI-HALLOWEEN and do not celebrate or condone celebrating the "holiday" in any way, shape, or form. However, I do totally love pumpkins. :) My fav color is orange, they're big and round and have adorable ridges along the side... what's not to like? So this Saturday I picked up a pumpkin at the local Wal-Mart and brought it home for some carving!

I like big, round pumpkins - I know this is a matter of taste, some of my friends like them tall and skinny, some of my friends like them slightly misshapen, etc. I dug through three bins to find this "perfect" pumpkin.

After I cleaned it, I tried this technique that I read about online. I printed the pattern I wanted to carve onto some printer paper, covered it in vegetable oil, and squished it onto my pumpkin.

I forgot how hard it was to paint a pumpkin! I've cut out the outline of my design, now I'm just doing the hard work. :)

My beautiful final result!

All lit up! I love my stars!

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