Thursday, October 21, 2010

Night On The Town

Every Thursday night (since I have Fridays off), Maggie and I go out for dinner and fun. Sometimes shopping, sometimes a movie, sometimes if we're tired or just need a night in we rent a movie and go home to crash on my bed. Tonight I was in need of our date night extra badly, since it's been two weeks since Mags and I got to hang out since she was in Florida last week.

We were originally going to grab a quick dinner and then go see Secretariat, but we ended up getting sidetracked at Wal-Mart and then by the time we thought to check the time, it was too late and we were having too much fun to rush.

Maggie and I go through stages about where we hang out. At the beginning of the year, you couldn't pull us away from Teariffic. Then it got hot and we couldn't pull ourselves away from Ruby Tuesdays and their watermelon spritzers. But it's not so hot now and Ruby Tuesdays is expensive and lately the food hasn't been so great, so we've been kind of hunting for new grounds. We keep wanting to try Olive Garden, but it's always so packed out! And we like to relax and chill without feeling like we're gumming up the works. Today we were looking across the side of the road and we were joking that Olive Garden didn't have a single parking space available - then Maggie joked, "Oh, we should go to Red Robin, they're practically EMPTY since they've got TWO parking spaces available!" So kind of on impulse we turned in and went.

As soon as we hit the front door, we started smiling. :) The employees were hanging out around front, opening doors for customers and greeting folks. We asked to see a menu and said that we were dealing with a food allergy and wanted to see what Maggie's options were like. One of the employees asked what she was allergic to and ran back with an allergy binder telling her exactly what foods were "safe" and what could be modified for her. That pretty much sold us, so we were seated.

The place had a great vibe tonight... just a nice mix of folks, music loud enough to be fun but not overbearing, waiters scurrying left and right but amazingly the service was just great. It was tons of fun to be there. :)
Maggie chose the turkey sandwich and offered me a bite - it was INCREDIBLE! Nice amount of heat and really yummy.

I went for the Bruschetta Chicken sandwich with pesto aioli and balsamic cream. It was great - reminded me of Cheddars (but not quite that good, more reminiscent). I totally indulged tonight and had steak fries, too. I was scared about how this was going to impact my points, but even though it was a "pricey" meal in terms of WW points, I did scootch under my limit and it was soo worth it.

While I was looking up showtimes to Secretariat this afternoon, I noticed that the theater in town is now selling tickets for the first midnight showing of Megamind. Anyone who knows me knows I lovelovelove kids movies, and I've never been to a midnight showing, so I talked Maggie into letting me get us both tickets. I'm so psyched! :) I know I'll laugh hysterically since EVERYTHING is funny after midnight, and the trailers/previews made me laugh anyway!
Speaking of kids movies... did anyone else see that Cars 2 is slated for release next summer? I'm so excited! Ee! I loved Cars and I love Pixar and always try to go see their movies in the theater to support the family-friendlyness.

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